подобно глагол:
любить (Love, like, be fond of, care for, fancy, affect)
нравиться (like, please, appeal, fancy, fetch, take)
хотеть (want, choose, wish, desire, will, like)
желать (want, wish, desire, like, wish for, Will)
находить приятным (like, relish)
имя прилагательное:
подобный (like, similar, alike, another, corresponding, parallel)
похожий (similar, like, resembling, alike, akin, resemblant)
одинаковый (same, identical, equal, uniform, alike, like)
возможный (possible, feasible, potential, eventual, probable, like)
вероятный (possible, likely, probable, plausible, credible, like)
равный (equal, peer, Even, like, equable, square)
подобно (like)
вроде (like, such as)
словно (like)
наподобие (like)
в качестве (AS, by way of, like, qua)
так (so, that, like, thus, like this, sic)
как бы (like, sort of, quasi)
так сказать (like)
возможно (perhaps, possibly, potentially, perchance, like, feasibly)
вероятно (likely, probably, apparently, most likely, very likely, like)
как будто (as if, as though, like, as)
имя существительное:
нечто подобное (like)
влечения (likes, like)
нечто одинаковое (like)
нечто равное (like)
очень (not half, a fat lot, to a fault, more than somewhat, like)
сильно (like hell, not half, like mad, like, like billy-oh)
чрезвычайно (with a vengeance, worst kind, out of measure, like mad, like sixty, like)
стремительно (like a shot, like the wind, thick and fast, like mad, like hell, like)
изо всех сил (tooth and nail, like hell, with might and main, like grim death, at full tilt, like)
ужасно (not half, like mad, like)

Англо-русский синонимический словарь. 2014.

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